6 Must Have Items For your Camping Trip

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  1. Sleeping Bag 

    If your tent is your house while you’re camping, then your sleeping bag is your bed. Make sure to add a sleeping bag to your camping packing list since a miscellaneous assortment of blankets won’t cut it in the cold. Also pack a sleeping pad and a little camping pillow.

2. First Aid Kit

    It goes without saying that a well-stocked first aid kit is essential to any camping trip at all. There are prepackaged first aid kits that include coagulation medicines (to promote blood clotting), antiseptic ointments, anti-inflammatory pills, and more. It is always better to be prepared in the case of an emergency. 

3.Multi-tool or Knife 

   A knife or multitool like a Swiss Army Knife will always come in handy when you’re on a camping trip. They can be used for nearly anything, including tent repairs, protection, opening food supplies, and collecting kindling or whatever you may need.

4. Fire Starter

   Wood fire starters are essential for tent camping they are very helpful to bring with you for staying warm after dark and for cooking.

5. Lanterns/Flashlights 

    Indoors or outdoors bringing lights is always a good idea to bring on your camping trip. They will help you a lot as night sets in and you’ll need to see in the dark.

6. Water Bottles/Water Filters 

   Water bottles are essential to bring on your tent camping trip, whether your campsite has running water or not. If you’re camping at a site that doesn’t have running water, you’ll want to fill your water bottle with the larger containers of water that you bring with you. Also pack a filtration system if you plan on drinking from a creek, river, lake, etc.