How to Start a Fire When Everything is Wet

Here is a really good video on how to start a fire when everything is wet its very informational and easy to follow.   How to start a fire when everything is wet – YouTube    

6 Must Have Items For your Camping Trip

  1. Sleeping Bag      If your tent is your house while you’re camping, then your sleeping bag is your bed. Make sure to add a sleeping bag to your camping packing list since a miscellaneous assortment of blankets won’t cut it in the cold. Also pack a sleeping pad and a little camping pillow. […]

7 Must Have Survival Items

1. Knife  If you’re stuck in the woods, a good knife will come in handy for sharpening sticks, cutting cord, cutting bandages, potentially protecting yourself, and possibly even skinning a hunt or fish.  2. Water Purification System A human can survive without food for approximately three weeks, however that’s not the case for water. At […]