Survival Signal Mirror



  • ☆SIGNAL MIRROR MATERIAL and SIZE: (Material)-Acrylic, strong toughness and not easy to break, better reflective effect, signal mirror military grade survival signal mirror for rescue. ( SIZE )- 3 in.X 2 in.X 0.22 in, Load-bearing rope length 16.6 inches. Product weight 1.16 oz.
  • ☆MULTI-FUNCTION signal mirror survival kit: Signal mirror survival, whistle for help, compass,Load-bearing rope. Four in one multifunctional outdoor distress tool.Ideal for cars, outdoor adventures, mountain climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, extreme sports, ultimate survival technologies, etc.
  • ☆HIGH PERFORMANCE: Ultralight small signal mirror with built-in precision aiming system making it ideal for any survival kit.It is especially suitable for long-distance communication in the field, sending reflective survival mirror signal,accurate and fast signal transmission.When the weather is fine, the light signal transmission distance can reach more than 100 kilometers. It can also be used normally when there is light on a cloudy day or at night. Can be used as a mirror in peacetime.
  • ☆OUTDOOR SURVIVAL ESSENTIAL: The sight survival mirror military is an essential option in any survival emergency kit. One of the five major elements of outdoor survival is the signal generating device. There is a consensus among survival experts all over the world: Anyone who is engaged in remote outdoor activities should carry a compass and a survival whistle, signal mirror survival kit.
  • ☆SIGNAL MMIRROR PROTECTION: There is a protective film on the mirror surface of the signal mirror to prevent it from being scratched. The signal mirror is equipped with a plastic storage box gift packaging, which can better protect the signal mirror from being scratched in the backpack when it is stored.▶(NOTE: A protective film is attached to the mirror surface of the signal mirror. Please remove the protective film on the mirror before using the product )